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GOLD/SILVER RATIO: 83.29 -0.29 GOLD: 1219 -6 SILVER: 14.68 0.02 PLATINUM: 840.8 -4.8


It has been brought to our attention that ALLIANCE GOLD SECURITY is fraudulented represented by
unknown persons, agencies and organisations who has no connection with the company and that information from the website of ALLIANCE GOLD SECURITY has been copied to these fraudulent websites.

Furthermore, it has been reported that enquiries via these fraudulent websites have led to business dealings that are professed to have originated from ALLIANCE GOLD SECURITY.

We hereby confirm that emails, contact numbers or any form of contact outside the original contact details on the website (www.alliancegoldsecurity.com), are fraudulent. and that the persons or company responsible for them have no connection whatsoever with ALLIANCE GOLD SECURITY.

We regret the confusion the scam e-mails may have caused, but ALLIANCE GOLD SECURITY is not responsible for – nor will be held liable for – any financial actions taken as a result of fraudulent activities.


ALLIANCE GOLD SECURITY is one of the most leading gold security company in the world, measured by production.